Extra Stage: The name refers to the "Extra Stage" found in most of the Bemani games. I got the idea when I was thinking about the announcer from DDR that screams out "Extra Stage!!!"
I never really intended to have a website, though I hated deviantArt very much. After my first ftp died, Persona offered me his, but only if I made a website later. And so I did.

Me: I go by EU03
Likes: Bemani, Type-moon, Ugetsu Hakua, breasts, Lumines, Phoenix Wright, Konami, and electronica.
Dislikes: Weeaboos, furfags, humidity, and deviantArt weeaboos.

Setup: Self-built PC, Wacom Graphire3 4"x5", OpenCanvas3, and Photoshop CS
Browser of choice: Opera 10

Photography: I use a Canon SLR Rebel Ti, film media. My mid-range lens is broken. I currently just use a Tamron telephoto lens.

Contact: evangelionzero3 at gmail.com
AIM: Ask me for it

Twitter: ClickAgain