This is the page devoted to the one and only Pyramid Head Orbital Frame.

I was sketching out some figures one day and I recalled a Pyramid Head conversation I had the other night. So for fun, I stuck on pyramids on all my figures.
Then, I decided to design a mech, so I started with a triangle-shaped head. Then, one thing led to another and I had my first rendition done.
It was never meant to be a time-consuming project, but with enough bagging from people, I spent a very long time with it.

Images are at the original resolution

Bluelines for the lineart. My biggest concern was the arm and the lower torso, since I wasn't satisfied with any varation I tried to do with those up to that point. The size of the head was bothering me, too.

I fixed up the head and very liberally used elements from Zone of the Ender's Anubis to help me, especially the arm. I was about to stop right here, but the vagueness of the lines wasn't just right for something as epic as this. My inital post at 4chan got good reception, though.

I actually prefer the lineart to the colored render! No, I didn't use the line tool, either. I spent several hours tweaking the original lineart that I ended up erasing most of the original lines. The head went through many revisions and it's my favorite part of the mech. I actually wasn't going to go through with the red highlights, but Persona told me to do it anyway. It looked like a Orbital Frame at that point anyway, so I went through with it, though it was a major pain in the ass.

The base colors were finally laid down. At this point, I suddenly realized how similar the color scheme was to Anubis. I went on with it anyway.

This is the final render, though a little rough. It got very good reception on 4chan and still gets reposted from time to time.

Before I did this drawing, I never spent more than a day with my stuff, but doing this made me realize the value of extra effort and dedication.
Still, I still don't spend enough time with my pieces.